Home Business and Financial Security With Today’s Failing Economy

What is Financial Security? Is that even possible with today’s sketchy economy? For many people, the idea of financial security and financial freedom may seem like a luxury and a thing of the past. Some people may seek it through a good and steady job, savings or investments. But is this even enough anymore with today’s failing economy?

Many people are beginning to realise that with the unstable economy, they will need to consider other options if they want to protect their finances and build a secure financial future. They are understanding now, that with the instability of our current economy, it will be more important than ever to have an option that is not dependent on the economy for it’s stability and security. One of the only industries that provides this would be the Internet: to have a home business in Internet Marketing.

Keep in mind, that there is really no such thing as total security. You will always have some level of risk and opportunity. The key is to minimize the risk as much as possible and steer clear of anything that is totally reliant on the economy or other people for your success.

In the entrepreneurial world, your experience and ability are much more important and useful than the illusion of job security. The appeal of a Home based business in Internet Marketing is that you will be in personal control of your financial security and future and in an industry that is independent and booming, despite the declining economy around the world.

In addition to financial security, Internet Marketing has a great deal to offer, such as extensive training and mentoring to show you exactly what you will need to do to in order to become truly successful and financially free. It will also offer you a passive, residual income for your financial future.

Whether you choose to accept this advice and start on your own personal journey to the world of financial freedom and opportunity or reject it and start running for cover and job “security” is up to you. No one can make this decision for you but yourself. With the decline of the world’s economy it is more important than ever to weigh the choices and decide which makes the most sense. As for me, I am relieved to have a successful home business that relies on the success of the Internet for my personal finances and freedom. I know I won’t have to worry ten years down the road, if my job will still be there for me!

Taurus Business and Financial Analysis for 2011 – Astrology Predictions 2011

No doubt you’re the most patient signs that have obstinacy. You like to know in advance how to proceed, as it fills you with a sense of security and confidence. It feeds both the confidence and esteem in you. You do not like to do projects that actually are not feasible, but would prefer to move conservatively in the workplace, achieving little each time with the least possible risk.

For you it is the year in which you should try hard to establish yourselves in the professional arena. However, Mars be in your chart from 16 January to 22 February and you will surely feel positive to most of the challenges you will face, enough to watch all the possible consequences before picking up the gauntlet. But you do have the paradox; put yourself tripping on your efforts. Excessive stress certainly will not benefit you in anything. Simply pick up your sleeves, believe in your abilities and be confident that you will not be the losers of 2011. You are the one who do not easily assimilate new ways of working.

As we enter the year, Venus passes through the sign of Scorpio in January and the full moon on January 19, you will definitely start turning your eyes to your business issues. The coexistence of the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Pisces will make you more social so you have the opportunity to further advertise your business skills in search of new opportunities and profit.

With the entry of Mars in the sign you will feel full of energy and will boost your confidence so you can show off your leadership skills by taking new, more and more serious responsibilities. The New Moon on March 4 will surely make you feel stronger as a result you regain your confidence. But as the March would be ending you will experience great stress at work as you are likely to have a number of misunderstandings. Remember, however, the influence of reverse course and what it has to do with transport, it should make you more cautious on a business trip. You would be wise as we approach the end of May and put some money aside, but be optimistic and see if you can move your investments forward.

In June Jupiter passes in your sign- The first few days, namely on 4 June, new challenges and opportunities come to the fore, while you see your wallet to swell it affects your New Moon on the first day of summer. It will be hard to find profitable opportunities during the summer and especially towards the end of the Poseidon.

Do not relax and also underestimate the influence of Mercury turning again to reverse course on August 2 to the Virgin and then to Leon, whom if you do not give appropriate attention can be your trouble to misunderstandings about the business plans, you and your discussions with your superiors.

This September there will be the easiest month of the year and will increase the pressure in your workplace where you will encounter some obstacles in trying to achieve your professional and financial goals. Use your earthly instinct and try to win some time to relax to be able to have sober thinking to move ahead vigorously later, Venus will pass through the zodiac sign of Scorpio on October 9.

Do not lose your temper if you find that they do not understand what you want from people in your business environment. Avoid, however, making new investments and taking hasty decisions.

In 2011 you get the opportunity to broaden your horizons. Seize the opportunities presented and any changes you deem necessary. So if you combine your practical nature, thinking and sober realism, you with little flexibility and conciliatory attitude, will reap all the benefits planets have to offer.

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Attaining Business and Financial Success – Tips For Massive Achievements

Have you ever why two people who have the same goal and seemingly take the same actions, end up getting such different results? Maybe you have known someone who always reaches or exceeds their goals, and someone else who always has a hard time achieving anything at all. What separates successful people from failures? What enables some to reach their dreams almost effortlessly, while others never even seem to have a chance? It is clear that successful people do things differently that those who fail. When you think and act in a way that supports success rather than repels it, you will achieve more throughout your life.

Are you ready to attain for business and financial success? Do you want to explode your business, start a new business, build wealth and financial freedom, and achieve any other goal that you have the desire to achieve? Then you need to start doing things in a way that will bring you the results you want. The following tips will help you achieve more in all areas of your life. I used them to build success in my businesses and financially, and then utilized them to achieve more in other areas of my life as well.

Get Your Goals Clearly Written Out

You cannot achieve big things until you know exactly what big thing you want to accomplish. It all starts with a goal, a clearly written statement of internet. Intent is the key word here. Many people wish and hope for more money, but those are not goals. Goals are clear visions that you have that you intend to make manifest in your life experience. Write your goals down, clarify them as much as possible, and review them day by day. If you do not yet know where you are headed, isn’t it time you found out?

Visualize Your Success

Knowing your goal is great, and clarifying it makes it even better. They say that clarity is power, because the more clearly you see what you want to achieve, the faster it will arrive. One tool that many successful people use to achieve their deepest desires is to take time out daily to sit and visualize their success. They see themselves in every detail just as they want to be when they reach their goal. This implants success in their mind and makes it possible for them. See yourself in your imagination as having already achieved your goals.

Watch Your Thinking in Tough Times

Tough times are bound to happen, especially if you have set high goals for yourself. If you play it safe with mediocre goals you may not meet hard times, but big goals require big action and commitment. When things get tough, make sure and remain positive, optimistic, and hopeful of still reaching your goals. People who lose their focus in tough times often quit or make vital mistakes. Keep focused on your goals no matter what happens and you will eventually reach them.

Read, Grow, and Thrive

You can get to any level of business or financial success that you choose, but you may need to grow yourself into the person who is capable of achieving it. People who are always reading, learning, and growing are constantly achieve more than people who do not take time and energy to invest in themselves. Grow from the inside out and there will be nothing that you cannot achieve.

Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail Financially

As an entrepreneur, our brains are constantly churning. Constantly coming up with ideas on how we can help EVERYONE. Now as great a thing as this may be, it is also a not so great thing. Because it is these ideas that leads us to make mistakes that cause our businesses to fail. Mistakes that we don’t think about until it’s too late. We get so caught up that our eyes and ears are not open to the obvious. We’re so caught up in making it happen that we miss all of the warning signs. And as a result our businesses suffer. They suffer financially and by design.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can stop going down this spirally road that only leads to financial disaster. In order to stop though, you have to become aware of the reasons why you’re going through financial turmoil. And I think there are five key reasons that rank in the majority. The five reasons are often overlooked due to the sheer excitement of wanting to start your own business. What you have to remember is that excitement alone is not going to make you successful. It takes lots of planning and preparation along with blood, sweat and tears. No one wakes up a success. They planned it and worked hard at it.

I’m going to share these five reasons that I think are the most critical and I challenge you to take time and sit down and see which ones apply to you. Then take the corrective action and change things before it’s too late.

Here are the 5 key reasons why businesses fail financially.

1. No savings / funds. This is probably the number one reason why businesses fail financially. And it’s because, like I said already, of sheer excitement. You MUST have funds to start a business. A savings that you began many years ago; a retirement account or life policy you can draw a loan on; a home equity line; a rich relative. It doesn’t matter the source, just as long as you have a source. These funds need to be enough to carry you for 12-24 months at a minimum. The longer the better. Keep in mind that it takes time to build a business. It doesn’t happen overnight. So make sure you can provide a lifestyle while you building this business. It doesn’t have to be the “lavish lifestyle” you currently live and more than likely it won’t be. Just be sure you can pay your household bills and put food on the table.

2. No business plan. This is the one element of a business that no one wants to do. Yet it is the most needed. You need a business plan to be able to help you have a clear understanding as to what you want your business to be, how you want it to grow and who you’re going to serve. And this is only the beginning. It will no doubt tell you and any potential investor a whole lot more. This business plan will serve as the roadmap and guide for how to take you business from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

3. No clients. Now this one was a no brainer. But I want to touch on because I want to point out that, yes it’s important to get new clients when you are starting you business but it’s even more important to keep those clients. Your daily goal should be not only how to get new clients but also how to keep your current clients. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you have a base of clients who not only continue to use your services and products but who are also raving fans and will refer you to the world.

4. No systems / structure in place. Every successful business has a system in place. A system that everyone in the business from the owner to the lowest man on the totem pole follows. This system creates synergy within the business that leads to nothing but pure abundance. Having a tried and true system to follow allows you to operate your business more efficiently and effectively. Think about McDonalds and Starbucks. No matter which one in the world you visit, the system remains the same.

5. Not understanding the numbers. This reason why businesses fail financially is probably the least recognized. Many business owners and entrepreneurs start a business and never take the time to learn how to understand it and manage it on paper. The can manage the daily operations of their business beyond measure. But when asked what their profit margin is they respond with a “huh?” When asked how their business is trending compared to prior years they ask “what’s trending?” Understanding the numbers of your business tells you more than how much cash is in the bank. It tells you where you money is being spent and how your business is truly being financed. It helps you strategize on where and how to make improvements.

What is causing your business to fail financially? What changes are you going to make to turn things around?

Entrepreneurs- Got A Great Business And Want To Capitalize As Quickly As Possible? Exit Strategies

Many business owners either with a new or established business are seeking to capitalize on their hard work and move onto other things. Some entrepreneurs are seeking capital from angel investors and need to provide suitable exit strategies within their business plans.

Please remember that venture capitalists are seeking high returns in exchange for their high risk investment. Many of them expect your company to go public within a short time frame.

Angel investors are not so concerned with you going public, but are still looking for a quick and high rate of return on their investment. They are not as sophisticated as venture capitalists or institutional investors and are more likely to wish to be in your business.

Here are a few ideas for you.

If you have no investors and merely wish to exit yourself from your business. Investors do not accept these exit strategies as being very professional.

Sell: The most obvious option if you have a viable business.

Asset Strip: You can pay yourself a huge salary and sell off all viable components of the business. It could be that this is a more profitable option than selling your business as a going concern.

Minimize the Business: If time is your problem then just restrict your trading hours and/or product line. Outsourcing some areas of the business will give you more time.

Liquidation: Cease trading, pay off your debts and sell your assets. Close the doors and walk away with your memories and stories.

Give your Business Away: You can remove yourself from the business and leave your business to your heirs. Take legal and financial advice first though please.

Here are a few more conventional exit strategies that an investor will be interested in hearing about.

Consultancy: You could let your management team take over the running of the business and take on a consultancy or executive role. This can only be done if your management team are capable of running and improving your business. This option is quite often take if you personally have reached the pinnacle of your ability, or want to spend more time away from the business. This option allows for a more experienced management team to run the business whilst you retain an income and influence on the business. An example of this would be Anita Rodderick of Bodyshop – who took the opportunity to follow her love of conservation whilst still retaining some influence over the company that she founded.

Merger or Acquisition: This is a particularly attractive option when you are a small company with a strong presence in a niche market. There are many small company owners that have become very rich by being bought out by the likes of Google or Amazon. These large companies do this as they want the products you have and buying a company is cheaper than the research and marketing necessary to bring these products to market. The merging or acquiring company is paying for your assets, patents, copyrights, good will, market share and client base. In a merger you can arrange for a nice consultancy post for yourself in exchange for giving up your chairmanship. Not quite giving up the business but not a bad lifestyle.

Franchise: If you have a business that can be duplicated in many different regions why not consider setting your business up as a franchise. Similarly of you have a business with numerous outlets why not franchise some of these? Alternatively why not turn your head office location into a franchise headquarters and then sell off franchises? This option does take some time and money but can drastically decrease the time that you have to spend with your business, whilst still providing a good income.

IPO: The holy grail of business and one that you read about when people become “over night millionaires”. About as likely as becoming an overnight millionaire by winning the lottery. Unfortunately rather than handing over your Dollar/Pound/Euro for a ticket – you are going to spend hundreds of thousands on lawyers, analysts, PR and bankers!

Which ever option you choose – choose carefully and good luck with your new found wealth and leisure.